Job application check: Let write your perfect application for employment.

Job application check.

Let write your perfect application for employment.

Land your dream job and get a perfect job application from WAMATI.
Looking for a job in Germany? We can create your perfect job application.

Different countries, different styles of job application. Especially in Germany, there are many details which have to be followed if you want to find a job. Details such as the application format, the choice of the picture, school grades and many other. I can support you to make sure that you did everything for your dream job. Benefit from a German native-speaker expert preparing your perfect job application. Order the WAMATI application check and get your tailored and complete job application. Unlike other job application check services, with the WAMATI application check you will not only receive feedback, but a completely written, ready to use job application - A major advantage on many other job application check tools and services. Get an advice from a native German speaker and WAMATI expert with long-term experience in the field of employer marketing, marketing and public relations in both large and small German companies.

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More time and better opportunities for you.

The WAMATI check gives you a job application which is immediately usable.

Your benefits of the WAMATI job application check at a glance:

  • Get a perfect German-language job application ready to use.
  • Get a full and detailed elaboration of corrections.
  • Get a job application tailored for the regional requirements.
  • Enjoy time saving.
  • Get a better chance of being invited to an interview.
  • Get a competitive edge over other candidates.
  • Get an objective and neutral feedback from an expert.
  • Gain the confidence of not forgetting importent details.
  • Get a useful and individually tailored template for future job applications.

What we do for you...

  • Elaboration of your perfect and complete job application
  • Working out your individual employee brand
  • Elaboration of an individual design that fits to you and the position
  • Create a clear and logical structure
  • Tailor the application for a concrete vacancy
  • Proofreading and editing including working out of all alternative suggestions
  • Check of plausibility of data and content
  • Check of all required certificates and references
  • Integration of modern features like tag cloud etc.
  • Fit with all technical requirements like file size etc.


Whereas texter only able to text, designers only able to design and Human Resources experts only see the content, the WAMATI experts see the whole picture. We are experienced in the field of employer marketing, marketing and public relations and know how your job application can make the race. We are German native speakers, familiar with the different job application requirements of small, mid and large size companies and with the unique application requirements of jobs from different segments such as: Finance, consulting, automotive, Software development and more.

How it works...

email with subject "job application check"

1. You send us an email to "contact" with the subject "job application check".

Get an offer and confirm

2. We will send you an offer that you will confirm, as well as a non-disclosure-confirmation.

You send all application sheets

3. You will send us all your application sheets and data including the job advert.

You answer questions concerning your job application.

4. In a case we have any questions, you will be able to answer them by email or by phone. After we will receive all required infomation, we will send you your perfect job application within a week.

A great offer

5. You receive the bill for the service.

A good offer:

290 € (includes the complete check and elaboration)

What other people say...

Sevan Pearson, historian and scientist:

"She gave me many useful tools to make very good applications. Although it is difficult to find a job in my field, within some weeks I had a position for a work experience, which ended up in my current workplace"

Viola B.:

"Christiane helped me in a very efficient way to update my CV and application for a management position in the non-profit sector. She gave me very useful hints not only for the lay-out but also for the content and structure of an application in this field. Thanks a lot."

Tell your friends...

Applying in Germany: Don’t forget the relevant documents!

A complete application for a job in Germany includes the following documents. Prepare all of them in one single PDF-document (not bigger than 10MB!). Put them exactly in the following ordner:

  1. Cover sheet (Deckplatt)
  2. Covering letter (Anschreiben)
  3. CV (Lebenslauf)
  4. Copies of certificates of employment (Arbeitszeugnisse)
  5. copies of educational certificates (Ausbildungszeugnisse)
  6. copies of testimonials/references (Persönliche Referenzen)

Get the job application check now: Let write your perfect job application!


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Covering letter: Show your USP!

Simply paraphrasing the CV in the covering letter is a frequent mistake. The purpose of the covering letter is to demonstrate your personal brand, explain why you are the right person for the job and differentiate yourself from the other applicants. You should explain how you can meet the requirements of the job. Write what skills you can bring and give examples of how you successfully applied these skills - for example that you created a 40-page publication for a DAX30 client within 48 hours which was printed in 28 countries. You should also include your soft skills and provide practical examples. An important point: You want to showcase your expertise and demonstrate that you could bring more value to the company than the average applicant. The covering letter should not be longer than one page.


Get the job application check now: Let write your perfect job application!


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Don't forget the business photo!

Applications for jobs in Germany are often expected to include a photo of the applicant - either in the CV or in a cover sheet.

In the cover sheet, it is often placed in the middle of the sheet in a larger format, up to about 10 centimeters width/high. In the CV, the photo is often placed in a smaller format - perhaps 4 centimeters width/high - at the top right-hand or left-hand. Make sure that the photo has a good resolution. Further a classical business photo needs to be businesslike what means: shirt and possibly tie and jacket.

Here you find examples of proper business photos for job applications.


Get the job application check now: Let write your perfect job application!


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